The Coaching I am offering is ideal for all who feel to be stuck, who feel the desire to be supported, want to change something in their professional life and gain clarity about their professional future. A Coaching for all who want to return joy and balance in their life. 

I do know that feeling very well when you think that the own career path doesn't fit anymore. Somehow it doesn't feel right, but you can't see another perspective either. More responsibility, yes, but with family? How is that going to work? Maybe there is the desire to start your own business? To build something, be your own boss AND be successful and independent?  

Or are the kids older and you feel like you need a professional vision for yourself?  

In my Coaching sessions we will work with your desire to change and bring back clarity to your life. As your Coach I support you in reflecting about your past career path. We will look at the things that were preventing to reach your goals. And you will find out what is important to you in your professional life, private life and  you will discover what you need to reach your goals and visions and stay balanced at the same time. 

I don't offer any programme here. My coachings are individually made for you and your needs. And you can be sure that you leave with a clear understanding and plan about your next steps, strong, empowered and motivated.  

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