As an Online Coach, I have the opportunity to discuss topics with people in their mother tongue, even though they live abroad. It is sometimes a challenge, especially for expats, to find someone in the host country who "understands" you. Thanks to many years of my own expat experience and as an experienced Coach, I have a good understanding of the topics that concern you. I know the challenges we face when we start from scratch in a foreign country and what it means when it's about building a new life - professionally and privately.  

So we start with discussing your topic in a free initial consultation and get to know each other. We talk about the possible length of the coaching process, the conditions and then set the first dates.  

As your coach, I support you in reflecting. We talk about your values in life, your goals and visions and what it takes to achieve them.  


My coachings are completely tailored to you and your needs. You can be sure: From this process you will go out with a very clear understanding and plan about your next steps, strong, affirmed and motivated. 

Please contact me for more information: coaching@anjatulpaposch.com .   

Since August 2021 I have also been offering all coachees the creation of the LINC Personality Profiler. You can find more information here.