Lately I've often heard sentences like "2020 was for the cat" "Can't wait until 2021 has started!". It was and is a difficult phase for all of us. BUT, in my opinion, we also have the opportunity to look at this year and think about what exactly was difficult for me, how did I master it and what do I take away from it for 2021.


The reason?

I don't think that the pandemic will be gone by 1/1/2021. There may be new lockdowns associated with homeschooling and home office. If I look back at my experiences and think specifically what I learnt from them, I can then develop strategies that can help me in other difficult situations and allow me to look ahead with greater confidence.

On December 17th at 8.30 p.m. I'll do an online workshop on the subject of "Review and Outlook". You just have to register in advance, you need a pen and a piece of paper and a bit of punctuality :-) ⁠

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See you! I look forward to your participation!